And, in a situation most women who have ever worked in a male-dominated workplace (or any workplace in general, really) can understand, the guys quickly leave Schumer to do the literal dirty work of burying the stripper, which is the perfect time for a quick PSA on the very real pay gap. Boom. And you thought you were just in for some giggles. Nope.

“I’ll just be here doing 100 percent of the work even though at work I make 78 cents on the dollar! Hi. I’m Amy Schumer and I’d like to talk to you about an important issue: The wage gap for women. Write to your congressperson today and tell them you’re not cool with it. Or just support raising minimum wage. Two-thirds of minimum wage workers are women.”

Gets the job done, and the website that flashes at the bottom of the screen — — redirects to the Institute For Women’s Policy Research’s page on pay equity and discrimination. Get educated, y’all.