Weekly Roundup of the news on women and supportive services in job training programs.

By Rachel Linn

Job training can provide an entry into family-sustaining jobs and careers. Many women in job training programs, however, face obstacles to success. Wraparound services—such as child care assistance, access to public benefits, and transportation or housing assistance—can help adults, particularly those with caregiving responsibilities, to complete programs that will ultimately improve their economic standing. 

March 16, 2016

The Buffalo News: Another Voice: Workforce development system must work for all (by Jeffrey M. Conrad is New York State director of the Center for Employment Opportunities)

A Partnership for the Public Good publication, “Working Toward Equity,” went further and pointed out that local unemployment rates are higher and earnings are lower for African-Americans and Hispanics even during this improved economic period. Additionally, many residents who are working poor or frequently unemployed face multiple barriers to employment, such as low educational levels, language barriers, criminal backgrounds, disabilities and limited means of transportation.

Given that Buffalo’s unemployment is down and our economy is much stronger today, this is the ideal time to focus our efforts on these populations that need additional services. If we want to have an inclusive economy, then we need to expand funding for programming that works to help connect people with employment barriers to the workforce.

March 16, 2016

Park Rapids Enterprise: Editorial: Job fair offers great opportunity to find work

Barriers do exist for those struggling to make ends meet, many depending on state and county services.

A good number of folks in the community deal with social issues that make it difficult to find and hold down a job. Lack of permanent housing, transportation difficulties, childcare challenges, chemical dependency, mental health issues, or just plain lack of motivation. At the same time there are also many who face these same issues and overcome the obstacles. It can be done.

Social services, mental health professionals and other providers in the community work to get people “off the system” and on the road to self-reliance.

March 14, 2016

Industry Week: Modern Day Rosies: Portraits of Women in Manufacturing

The Jobs to Move America coalition teamed up with California Institute of Technology for Women’s History Month, organizing the Women Can Build photography exhibit. The exhibit, featuring photographs by Pulitzer Prize winner Deanna Fitzmaurice, reveals the overlooked contributions of skilled and hard-working women who are building our trams, rail and buses. Jobs to Move hosted several Caltech faculty to comment on how women around the world are achieving and fighting for equal rights, equal pay, equal access, and equal opportunity in the workplace.

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