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‘If We Had a Panic Button, We’d be Hitting it.’ Women Are Exiting the Labor Force En Masse—And That’s Bad For Everyone

The United States is in the midst of a crushing economic recession, COVID-19 infection rates are spiking, and thousands of schools and childcare facilities have yet to reopen in-person classrooms. The group bearing the brunt of this torrent of bad news? Women.

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What’s At Stake This November And How You Can Get Out The Vote

We are constantly being inundated with political ads and told about the important issues. But with all the noise, it can be difficult to understand what is truly at stake. So, what’s really at stake for all of us this November? Here are just a few things.

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What’s at Stake this November: Pay Equity (Show Me the Money!)

The pay gap between working women and men is one of the highest ranking concerns for women. It’s increasingly a priority for men—because when one earner in a family brings in less than she should, the family suffers overall.

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The pandemic is causing women to drop out of the workforce — here’s what it will take to get them back

When women drop out of the workforce, it’s not just their families that are put at a disadvantage, but the overall U.S. economy.

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Facing dual challenges of work and home-schooling, more women are sacrificing their careers

As virtual schooling ramps up in some areas, women are being forced to make the choice between caring for their children or prioritizing their own career.

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