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IWPR Prepares COVID 19 and Recovery Rapid Response

In these unprecedented times, the IWPR is committed to communicating and addressing the challenges women are facing. IWPR’s new research outlines how policymakers can address the immediate and long term needs of women, their families, and their communities in policy responses to the pandemic.

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Three Years After #MeToo, the Movement Remains Critical

Three years ago, the #MeToo movement exposed an open secret: Powerful people, mostly men, were perpetrating abuses with impunity, trusting that the culture of silence around sexual violence would prevent survivors and witnesses alike from leveraging accusations that could bring them down.

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Economic Progress Stalls for Women

Jobs data show substantially slowed growth since September. For the first time in the COVID-19 recession, women have gained fewer jobs than men.

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Why Is the Wage Gap for Native Women So High?

We must do better for Native women by fighting for pay equity and domestic violence prevention and safety.

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