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IWPR Prepares COVID 19 and Recovery Rapid Response

In these unprecedented times, the IWPR is committed to communicating and addressing the challenges women are facing. IWPR’s new research outlines how policymakers can address the immediate and long term needs of women, their families, and their communities in policy responses to the pandemic.

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The system was never designed for working moms

A system made for men assumes 100 percent availability for work, unencumbered by caretaking responsibilities or demands. These expectations underestimate men as caretakers and disregard women.

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C. Nicole Mason on CNN’s First Move With Julia Chatterley

“For many women, the road ahead is going to be really hard and difficult because many women who are trying to reenter the workforce—or in many instances find a new career—are also juggling caretaking demands.”

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Biden’s Vice President Selection Affirms Women, People of Color will Decide the 2020 Presidential Election

Presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden’s selection of Senator Kamala Harris—the first Black woman to be nominated as a vice presidential running mate for a major party ticket, and the third woman nominated ever for the post—has cemented the 2020 elections as one with potentially historic outcomes for women and people of color.

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