Weekly Roundup of the news on women and supportive services in job training programs.

By Asha DuMonthier

Job training can provide an entry into family-sustaining jobs and careers. Many women in job training programs, however, face obstacles to success. Wraparound services—such as child care assistance, access to public benefits, and transportation or housing assistance—can help adults, particularly those with caregiving responsibilities, to complete programs that will ultimately improve their economic standing.

September 29, 2016

11 Alive: City of Refuge to receive $7 million pledge to improve Westside

This donation will allow City of Refuge to develop economic growth on Atlanta’s Westside by implementing an innovative jobs hub. The hub will teach residents of the area people skills to prepare for careers in auto tech, retail, the culinary arts, landscaping, security services and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) installation and repair.

City of Refuge is a nonprofit that provides assistance to women and children facing homelessness. The program provides emergency shelter, hot meals, healthcare, activities for children and vocational training.

September 28, 2016

Midtown Patch: Major Job Training Program Headed to Westside

In a joint press conference, the Chick-fil-A Foundation, the Coca-Cola Foundation and the city said the City of Refuge, an Atlanta nonprofit, will use the funds to build a jobs hub that will teach skills in auto tech and retail, the culinary arts, landscaping, security services and HVAC. A computer-coding academy will be created for young adults along with a small business incubator and accelerator for entrepreneurs.

September 27, 2016

JustMeans: She Builds: Giving Women the Confidence and Skills to Maintain a Safe and Healthy Home

She Builds is a nationwide event series, created by Rebuilding Together, featuring community revitalization projects that create real change for women – providing critical home repairs and community restoration to women in need, while giving women the confidence and skills to maintain a safe and healthy home. She Builds is held in collaboration with Rebuilding Together affiliates in local cities; as well as corporate and community partners.

[…] In June, we joined with our Nashville affiliate and HGTV for She Builds Nashville. The event brought HGTV talent and country music stars together with local volunteers to restore Thistle Farms, a sanctuary helping women survivors of abuse, addiction, trafficking and prostitution by providing them with a safe place to live, counseling, job training and other basic life skills and services.

Western Nevada College: Academy Offers an Accelerated Start to Construction

That’s where Western Nevada College and its Construction Gateway Academy come into play. The seven-month-old academy prepares men and women for entry-level positions to assist subcontractors and general contractors. The academy also lays the foundation for them to fill a larger role in the construction industry.

“This program sets them up to have the skills to get a decent-paying job ($12-$20) right out of high school, as well as one year ahead of their peers toward a bachelor’s degree,” said WNC Construction Instructor Nigel Harrison. “Not only will they learn the basics of construction, but they will be gaining skills in communication (written and verbal) and also possess the ability to speak intelligently —  talk shop — with employers.”

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