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Black Women EPD
Back to the Future: Black Women’s Equal Pay is 100 Years Too Late

Mark 2130 on your calendars, it’s set to be a momentous year. Far from being the year we invent time travel, it’s the year Black women are finally projected to close the wage gap and catch up to White men’s earnings. And that milestone is set to arrive 110 years too late.

Black Lives Matter
IWPR Staff Statement on Black Lives Matter

We mourn and condemn the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the many others who have lost their lives to police violence and racial hatred. We send our heartfelt condolences to their families and the communities that have been impacted by the loss of their loved ones, and commit to working alongside them until there is justice.

Spill the Tea
Spilling the Tea: Why Salary Transparency is Necessary for Pay Equity

Knowledge is power—especially when it comes to your paycheck.

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December #JobsDay Data Show Women’s Recovery, and Child Care and Elder Care, Continued to Fall Behind Recovery

The December 2021 jobs report provided a mixed picture, with only moderate jobs growth, a continued lag of women’s jobs recovery behind men’s, and another month with an absolute drop in child care and elder care jobs—while jobs in the overall economy grew. As last month, survey data from individual households (Current Population Survey) is much more positive than survey data collected from establishments about the number of workers on payroll (Current Employment Situation). Household data suggests that the rate [...]

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Holiday “Magic” Is Also Unpaid Care Work

The gender inequities in care work are well-documented. According to the American Time Use Survey (ATUS), in 2019, women spent 2.16 hours per day on household activities such as cooking and cleaning while men spent 1.39 hours.* Further, women report spending 16 percent more time purchasing goods and services. Experimental ATUS data from 2019 and 2020 showed that women spent an average of 1.7 hours per day and men spent an average of 46 minutes per day caring for and [...]

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The Pandemic Has Been Toughest on Young Black, Latina, and LGBTQ Women. They Know the Policy Solutions to Help.

This week, IWPR hosted a webinar focused on the needs and experiences of young women in the pandemic recession and recovery. The event was part of the launch of a new brief, Unequal Present, Unfair Future: Young Black, Latina, and LGBTQ Women Face Greater Economic Challenges during the Pandemic. The concentration of young women in service-oriented industries meant that their COVID-related job losses were higher than any other gender-age group—young women aged 16 to 24 lost more than 3.3 million [...]

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The “She-cession” Continues, November #JobsDay Data Shows

November jobs report data released on Friday (December 3) by the BLS shows a mixed picture. Employers added jobs to their payrolls, but substantially fewer than last month, especially for women. A high number of women and men rejoined or entered the labor force. But fewer women than men entered, and the number of Black women in the labor force declined. Unemployment fell across the board, especially for Black women. A growing care economy gap—with elder and child care jobs [...]

December 14, 2021|Categories: In the Lead|

Retail and Warehousing: The Workers Powering the Holiday Season

As more families buy their holiday gifts online rather than in-store, it’s increasingly warehouse and transportation workers whose labor makes gift-giving possible. The CEOs of ecommerce behemoths have already increased their wealth by tens of billions of dollars during the pandemic, and will rake in billions more over the holiday season. Meanwhile, traditional retail jobs trail far behind their pre-COVID numbers. And many individuals—including retail and warehousing workers—struggle to stay afloat in the aftermath of the COVID recession. Even before [...]

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Join Us Next Week! IWPR Hosts Two Webinars on Young Women and Mothers in the Pandemic Recession

REGISTER TODAY Young women are starting their careers in a world marked by pandemic, recession, and rapid change. Broad structural change is key to uplifting young working women and their families during COVID-19 recovery. Join Institute for Women's Policy Research’s upcoming webinars next week, December 14 and 16, that will focus on their experiences, economic situations, and what we can do to uplift the next generation of working women and young parents. Tune in to listen [...]

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