This brief explores the effect of FMLA eligibility and awareness on whether workers take leave for FMLA-qualifying reasons, where workers typically learn about the FMLA, and which workers are less likely to be aware of the FMLA. –Workers who are eligible and aware of FMLA are one and a half times more likely to take leave, compared to workers that were FMLA-eligible but unaware of the law –The majority (56.6%) of U.S. workers who are both eligible and aware, learn about the FMLA from their employers or a human resource office. –The analysis identified seven sub-populations of workers who are eligible for FMLA but lack critical awareness of the law’s benefits, including workers who did not graduate from high school, young workers age 18-24, low-income workers, workers of color, workers without access to paid leave, hourly workers, and those paid on commission.