By Chabeli Carrazana

President-Elect Joe Biden has the potential to place women at the helm of the nation’s top economic advisory positions—and help shatter another glass ceiling on the way.

In the conversation for the three Cabinet positions most associated with the economy—Treasury, Commerce and Labor—are several top female economists and business leaders who together could help shape the post-pandemic recovery. If the Treasury role, in particular, goes to one of the female frontrunners, it would be the first time a woman holds that post after a 231-year history of White men in the role.

“It wasn’t that long ago that there were designated Cabinet positions for women, and the world has moved past limiting women to Health and Human Services and Education, for example,” said Daniel Schnur, a political communications professor at the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Southern California. Now, with women in talks for the Treasury position, “it looks very likely that that long overdue step is about to be taken.”

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