Washington, DC

—Today, three leading experts on work family policies from the

Institute for Women’s Policy Research

(IWPR) are attending the White House Summit on Working Families. The Summit will bring together business leaders, policymakers, researchers, and advocates to discuss policy solutions aimed at expanding economic opportunity for working women and families.

IWPR is the leading think tank in the United States focusing primarily on the economic analysis of domestic women’s issues. The IWPR experts attending the Summit and available to comment on the economic impact of workplace policies are:

Women and the Economy, Workforce Participation, and Pay Equity

Dr. Heidi Hartmann, Ph.D., President of IWPR

is an economist, MacArthur fellow, and co-author of

Unnecessary Losses: Costs to Americans of the Lack of Family and Medical Leave

. She lectures widely on women, economics, and public policy including issues related to the gender wage gap, the glass ceiling for women in leadership, and elder care and caregiving. Dr. Hartmann frequently testifies before the U.S. Congress and has commented in prominent print and broadcast news outlets, including

The New York Times


The Washington Post


The Economist

, and MSNBC.

Access to Higher Education, Work-life Balance, and Child Care

Dr. Barbara Gault, Ph.D., Vice President and Executive Director of IWPR

is the co-author of

Meaningful Investments in Pre-K: Estimating the Per-Child Costs of Quality Programs


Accelerating Change for Women Faculty of Color in STEM: Policy, Action, and Collaboration.

Dr. Gault has testified in Congress, and has appeared in a range of media outlets, commenting on issues such as higher education attainment, child care, family leave and paid sick days, and women in STEM.

Inequality & Poverty, Labor Market Participation, and Paid Leave

Jeff Hayes, Ph.D., IWPR Study Director

, is an expert on paid sick days, paid family leave, low-wage women workers, labor force participation, and women’s economic security over the lifetime. Dr. Hayes oversees the Institute’s work analyzing the costs and benefits of implementing paid sick days and paid family leave in municipalities and states across the country.

The Institute for Women’s Policy Research

(IWPR) is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization that conducts rigorous research and disseminates its findings to address the needs of women and their families, promote public dialogue, and strengthen communities and societies