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Washington, DC —New analysis by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research shows childcare investments proposed in the American Families Plan will save families $96 Billion in Year 1 and $957 Billion over 10-years.

Families in states with high childcare costs will benefit most from the plan. Single mothers with children will also see significant relief and savings. It is estimated that for every dollar the government invests in childcare, American families save two dollars.

States with Biggest Childcare Savings for Families in Year 1:

1. California $4.2 Billion

2. New York $1.8 Billion

3. Texas $1.6 Billion

4. Illinois $1.0 Billion

5. Massachusetts $0.9 Billion

Single mothers, most of whom are primary breadwinners in their families, will see significant savings as well on childcare. In California, a single mother with an infant would save $13,965 per child and in Mississippi, where the cost of childcare is relatively low, she would save $4,139 on infant care per child.

State Ranking: Single Women Mothers and Childcare Savings in Year 1:

1. California $1.7 Billion

2. Texas $0.9 Billion

3. New York $0.7 Billion

4. Florida $0.5 Billion

5. Illinois $0.5 Billion

“High-quality, affordable childcare is essential to helping women re-enter the workforce and sustain employment. The childcare plan proposed in the American Families Plan will provide the foundation for a robust childcare system in the U.S.” said C. Nicole Mason, President/CEO, Institute for Women’s Policy Research.

“Working and middle-class families have been squeezed by the out-of-control costs for education, housing and childcare over the last several decades. The American Families Plan will go a long way towards alleviating economic stress for families, and allowing the doors opportunity to swing open for many,” she said.