By Kavita Nandini Ramdas

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, women and girls across the globe shouldered significantly more of the care responsibilities within the home. Now we know that the pandemic and economic downturn have pushed millions of people into extreme poverty, but women and girls are experiencing it at unprecedented levels. Women are bearing the burden of unpaid care work, and witnessing strongmen authoritarians empower themselves at the expense of their rights.

The challenges on women’s economic security and human rights are immense, but only as long as societies refuse to recognize the problem and implement solutions. Over the past year, from the women-led farmer protests in India to the South African momentum to end gender-based violence, feminist movements are pushing societies to transform. Argentina listened to their powerful feminist movement and legalized abortion. Chile’s wrote a new constitution that was been applauded as a feminist victory. Moreover, around the world, domestic workers are building labor power to ensure safe and dignified essential work.

To celebrate Women’s Herstory Month, our Women’s Rights Program is sharing stories of women who bring us hope and motivation. These feminist leaders are reclaiming space and helping to grow open societies through their vibrant and influential feminist movements.

Every day, they are working to ensure full and equal participation of women and girls in all aspects of public life, which all starts with women and girls being able to exercise our voices, agency, and power. Amidst so many challenges, they shine a light that another world—a feminist world—is possible.

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