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Asian American and Pacific Islander Equal Pay Day Reveals Racial Challenges Despite Model Minority Stereotype

Over the past year, the COVID-19 pandemic has hit AAPI [...]

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Latina Equal Pay Day Highlights a Vicious Cycle: COVID-19 and the Gender Wage Gap

Today, on Latina Equal Pay Day, we are encouraged to think critically about the gender wage gap and the challenges Latina women face in the labor market.

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Latinas Projected to Reach Equal Pay in 2220

Latinas have made important strides in education, business creation, and political engagement. In recent decades, they have significantly increased their high school graduation rate and representation in teaching, law, medicine, and management professions. Yet in 2019, the average Latina earned only 55.4 percent of White non-Latino men’s earnings.

What’s at Stake this November: Pay Equity (Show Me the Money!)

The pay gap between working women and men is one of the highest ranking concerns for women. It’s increasingly a priority for men—because when one earner in a family brings in less than she should, the family suffers overall.

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A Good Week for Workplace Data Collection

Data collection is at the core of many efforts to enforce gender equity in the workplace. Federal laws such as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 make sexual harassment and pay discrimination in the workplace illegal. However, gender-based discrimination persists, requiring state and federal agencies to develop policies to hold employers accountable for not protecting women workers.

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