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The Research & Action Hub is a key component of IWPR’s data research in support of innovative policy solutions to accelerate women’s power and influence in society and in the workforce.

Latinas Cannot Wait Until 2207 for Equal Pay

October 5th is Latina Equal Pay Day. In 2022, all Latinas with earnings (including full-time, year-round, part-time, and part-year workers) were paid only 51.9 cents per dollar compared to White, non-Hispanic men. Based on median earnings, this means a typical Latina made $20,110 less [...]

By Cristy Mendoza and Miranda Peterson|October 4, 2023|

Latinas Will Not Reach Pay Equity with White Men until 2207 if Current Trends Persist

In 2022, Latinas working full-time year-round were paid just 57.5 cents for every dollar paid to White, non-Hispanic men nationally (a wage gap of 42.5 percent). Among all workers, including those working full-time, part-time, full-year, or part- year, Latinas were paid only 51.9 cents [...]

By Ariane Hegewisch, Cristy Mendoza and Miranda Peterson|September 28, 2023|

Gender and Racial Wage Gaps Marginally Improve in 2022 but Pay Equity Still Decades Away

In 2022, women working full-time year-round made 84.0 cents per dollar earned by men (a wage gap of 16.0 percent), a marginal improvement compared to 2021 (83.7 cents per dollar) and significantly higher than in pre-COVID-19 2019 (82.3 cents).1 Based on median annual earnings [...]

By Ariane Hegewisch and Cristy Mendoza|September 15, 2023|
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