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FL abortion ban
Florida Six-Week Abortion Ban Goes Into Effect

Thanks to the state courts and legislature, as of May 1, abortion access in Florida is now more restricted than ever under the state’s near-total ban. The impact will resonate throughout the state, harming women and hurting the state economy.  

Senate CERH hearing
Senate Holds Key Hearing on the Economic Impact of Abortion Restrictions

IWPR's research shows that abortion restrictions harm women’s health and education leading to disproportionate impacts on the national and state economy. A key Senate committee took up this important issue at a hearing on February 28 and IWPR was there.

FAFSA delay blog
FAFSA Delays-Navigating the Thorny Landscape of College Unaffordability

For many low-income college students, the prevailing Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) delays are causing added panic to our ever-growing educational crisis of soaring college costs. IWPR's Policy Team weighs in.

Moms EPD 2023
Mothers’ Wage Inequities Go Beyond Paid Labor

August 15 was Mom's Equal Pay Day and IWPR's research shows that In 2021, working moms made just 62 cents on the dollar compared to working fathers.

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Navigating the Thorny Landscape of College Unaffordability

For many low-income college students, the prevailing Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) delays are causing added panic to our ever-growing educational crisis of soaring college costs. For me, the annual FAFSA form was always an unnerving part of my college experience because it determined whether I would be able to return to school in the forthcoming academic year. The programs and grants solely administered through FAFSA, such as the Federal Work Study Program and the Pell Grant, [...]

What Women Can Look Forward to in 2024

The year 2023 was riddled with post-Dobbs abortion bans, attacks on gender-affirming care, near government shutdowns, and states striving to legislatively and judicially strip women of their bodily autonomy. And the spotlight on state policy action only intensified with a federal void on policies protecting reproductive health and securing paid leave. On many policy fronts, it was a regressive year for gender equity, but while some states went low, others went high. Some states actually enacted policies that will [...]

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Despite Its Name, the Pregnant Students’ Rights Act is Nothing More than Another Attack on Abortion Rights

This week, amidst a growing list of urgent priorities and rapidly approaching government funding deadlines, the House of Representatives is instead opting to vote for legislation to further stigmatize and restrict students’ reproductive decisions.   Under the guise of protecting students’ rights, the House leadership is turning its anti-abortion crusade on college and university students, pushing legislation to limit their ability to make reproductive health care decisions. Despite its lofty title, the Pregnant Students’ Rights Act does absolutely nothing to protect [...]

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Are Cash Transfers and Guaranteed Income Programs an Answer to Poverty in the United States?

The state of poverty alleviation efforts in the United States creates an opportunity for cash transfer and guaranteed income pilots.   There is an urgent need to identify and implement social policies and programs that support women’s economic empowerment and well-being. In recent years, cash transfers and guaranteed income programs, which provide money to participants in need of income assistance, have gained widespread support in the United States, with an increase in the number of pilots post-pandemic.    One in ten [...]

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Illinois Steps Up to Meet Rising Regional Needs for Reproductive Care

Illinois is emerging as an oasis in a desert of reproductive freedom.   Surrounded by states with near-total abortion bans post-Dobbs, Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker and fellow Democrats expanded protections for abortion and gender-affirming care providers and out-of-state patients this legislative session.   The new law also mandates state-regulated insurance coverage for abortion medication, HIV prevention drugs like PEP and PrEP, and gender-affirming care at no extra cost to consumers. In addition, legislators allocated $8 million in the FY2024 budget for training [...]

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High Rates of Violence and Discrimination Contribute to the Wage Inequities of Native American Women

November 30 marks Native Women’s Equal Pay Day. Native women have one of the lowest earnings ratios compared to non-Hispanic White men. In 2022, all Native women with earnings were paid 54.7 cents per dollar and Native women who worked full-time year-round were paid 58.9 cents per dollar compared to non-Hispanic White men.   IWPR’s analysis of trends in earnings over the last two decades finds that all Native women with earnings won’t reach pay equity with non-Hispanic White men [...]