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Labor Day
Five Pathways to Good Jobs for Women

As Labor Day approaches, we’re thinking about the jobs and opportunities that do the best job of promoting women’s economic mobility and security.

Black Women EPD
Back to the Future: Black Women’s Equal Pay is 100 Years Too Late

Mark 2130 on your calendars, it’s set to be a momentous year. Far from being the year we invent time travel, it’s the year Black women are finally projected to close the wage gap and catch up to White men’s earnings. And that milestone is set to arrive 110 years too late.

Black Lives Matter
IWPR Staff Statement on Black Lives Matter

We mourn and condemn the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the many others who have lost their lives to police violence and racial hatred. We send our heartfelt condolences to their families and the communities that have been impacted by the loss of their loved ones, and commit to working alongside them until there is justice.

Spill the Tea
Spilling the Tea: Why Salary Transparency is Necessary for Pay Equity

Knowledge is power—especially when it comes to your paycheck.

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Executive Summary

Working Moms are Exhausted – Here’s How We Can Support Them

Working mothers have searched for an equilibrium between caretaking and job responsibilities for far too long. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, mothers had to figure out how to parent, teach, and do the job they were paid to do – all while under the financial and emotional stress of a pandemic. Many women have struggled with the extra burdens, but these strains are not something that can be relieved by mothers alone. The exhaustion and burnout that women [...]

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Weekly News Roundup – February 8 to 12, 2021

Legislation Affecting Working Parents  (02/12/21) The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has released new guidance for reopening schools. This is not the CDC mandating that schools reopen, but them explaining the proper mitigation that can help keep kids and staff safe at school. The CDC warns that schools are lulled into a false sense of security due to low community transmission rates. But there could still be a spread the virus if they don’t enforce mask-wearing and socially distanced classrooms. [...]

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What the Child Tax Credit Bill Could Mean for Working Moms

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting school and care center closures compounded a child care crisis already pushing working mothers to the brink. On Monday, February 8, the Biden administration unveiled the Child Tax Credit Bill to provide economic relief for working parents and families. The plan promises at least $3000 per child over the course of the year and will be presented to the House Ways and Means Committee over the coming weeks. The full benefit would be available to [...]

February 10, 2021|Categories: In the Lead|Tags: , , |

Generation-Based Workforce Management Ultimately Hurts Employers and Employees

Buzzwords like “Millennial” and “Boomer” are frequently used in workforce management discussions. Chandra Childers of IWPR, and a member of the Committee on the Consideration of Generational Issues in Workforce Management and Employment Practices, says that while these attempts at classification are natural, there’s little scientific evidence to back them up. A 2020 report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine argues that, rather than relying on overgeneralized generational categories, high road employers should actually be focusing on [...]

February 4, 2021|Categories: In the Lead|Tags: , , |

Beyond “Leaning In”: New Study on Pay Secrecy Points to the Limits of Existing Anti-Secrecy Laws in Addressing Gender Disparity 

In 1979, Lilly Ledbetter started working for Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. Toward the end of her 19 years there, Ledbetter began to suspect she was paid less than her male colleagues in the same position. An anonymous note confirmed her suspicion, and Ledbetter complained to her supervisor about unfair compensation. Her employer retaliated, so Ledbetter went on to file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). In 1998, she filed a pay discrimination case against her employer [...]

February 1, 2021|Categories: In the Lead|Tags: , |

Building Back Better Post-COVID: Opportunities for Women in Skilled Trade and Technical Jobs in New Orleans

Read IWPR's new briefing paper, Building a Better Future for Women in New Orleans Post COVID-19: Opportunities for Women in Skilled Trade and Technical Jobs. Watch IWPR's webinar discussion on how to improve women's access to skilled trade and technical jobs in New Orleans.   The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the inequities faced by women—particularly Black and Hispanic women— in the New Orleans metro area and around the nation. A weak safety net, occupational sex- and race-segregation, and low [...]

January 26, 2021|Categories: In the Lead|Tags: , , , , |
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