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COVID-19 and Recovery Response

As the pandemic enters its third year and the nation turns to recovery, the Institute for Women’s Policy Research is committed to amplifying and addressing the challenges women face. IWPR’s new research provides insights and recommendations for policymakers to help meet the urgent and long-term needs of women, their families, and their communities.

Prioritizing Student Parents
Prioritizing Student Parents in COVID-19 Response and Relief

This briefing paper outlines how state and federal policymakers can center the immediate and longerterm needs of student parents in policy responses to the pandemic, so that they are able to safeguard their families’ economic well-being and continue along their pathway to college attainment.

Breadwinner Mothers
Holding Up Half the Sky: Mothers as Workers, Primary Caregivers, & Breadwinners During COVID-19

The loss of jobs in sectors dominated by women will have a devastating impact of families, especially those headed by single mothers or where women are the primary or co-breadwinner. One in two of more than 30 million families in the U.S. with children under the age of 18 have a breadwinner mother, who contributes at least 40 percent of the earnings to the household.

6.9 below pre crisis
Halting Recovery Leaves Women’s Unemployment in Double Digits, and Women’s Payroll Employment Still 6.9 Million Below Pre-Crisis Levels
Food Insecurity
Decline in Household Income During Pandemic Contributes to Food Insufficiency
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Why These Two Policies Are Vital to Working Moms and Post-Pandemic Recovery

By Tanya Tarr Mother’s Day in the United States has a curious origin. In 1914, Anna Jarvis petitioned President Woodrow Wilson for a national day to honor mothers. Jarvis wanted to honor her own mother, a peace activist, while also encouraging Americans to connect with their families. The victory was short lived. By 1920, Jarvis was disgusted with over-commercialization of the day and filed lawsuits to prevent businesses from profiting from the holiday. She even lobbied to have the day [...]

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Mother’s Day Surprise: Women Lose Jobs and Continue to Leave the Labor Force While Unemployment Among Black and Latina Women Remains High

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – May 7, 2021 Contact: Erin Weber | | (646) 719-7021 Washington, DC — This month’s jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics was not the present millions of women wanted for Mothers’ Day. The number of women who hold jobs fell by 83,000 while the number of men with jobs increased by 154,000. This disappointing report shows that more women continued to exit rather than enter the workforce: 165,000 fewer women had jobs or [...]

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Survey: Moms Want More Than Breakfast in Bed This Mother’s Day

By Eric Galatas CHEYENNE, Wyo. -- As Mother's Day draws near, a new survey conducted by the Institute for Women's Policy Research offers a clearer picture of what women in Wyoming and across the nation really want. C. Nicole Mason, president and CEO of the Institute, pointed out women have been disproportionately affected by the COVID-fueled economic downturn, and researchers polled more than 1,400 women on their economic concerns and policy priorities for the new administration and Congress. "This year, [...]

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The Pandemic’s Economic Toll on Women Has Been Staggering—Now There’s an Estimate on the Price Tag

By Andrew Keshner All the money that women across the globe missed out on last year due to pandemic-related job losses and childcare obligations is more than the combined value of economies in 98 countries. That’s a new estimate from the global charity Oxfam, which projects that women worldwide missed out on at least $800 billion in income last year. The projections are new measurements of an increasingly familiar aspect of the pandemic: women have suffered an outsized toll from [...]

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Biden’s plan would revolutionize American family life

By Ana Campoy President Joe Biden released his American Families Plan today, a $1.8 trillion package that promises nothing short of rewriting the US’s social contract. If passed, it would insert the government into parts of American life that politicians before him have purposefully avoided, from workplace leave policies to the cost of daycare. “The US has had a rugged individualism ethos of pull-yourself-up-by-the-bootstraps,” says C. Nicole Mason, president and CEO of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. “What this [...]

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Biden Administration Proposes $1.8 trillion Plan for Childcare, Family Leave and Tuition-Free Community College

The Biden administration has proposed the next big bill on their economic agenda: a $1.8 trillion spending and tax proposal to fund paid family and medical leave, childcare, tuition-free community college, and a variety of other programs. The “American Families Plan” comes on the heels of the $2 trillion jobs and infrastructure package proposed by President Biden last month. But the bill faces a difficult path in Congress, where many Republicans oppose additional large spending measures and tax increases. The [...]

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