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COVID 19 and Recovery Response

In these unprecedented times, the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) is committed to communicating and addressing the challenges women are facing. IWPR’s new research outlines how policymakers can address the immediate and long term needs of women, their families, and their communities in policy responses to the pandemic.

Women Fall Further Behind Men in the Recovery and are 5.8 Million Jobs below pre-COVID Employment Levels, Compared with 5.0 million fewer for Men
Decline in Household Income During Pandemic Contributes to Food Insufficiency
Halting Recovery Leaves Women’s Unemployment in Double Digits, and Women’s Payroll Employment Still 6.9 Million Below Pre-Crisis Levels
Prioritizing Student Parents in COVID-19 Response and Relief

This briefing paper outlines how state and federal policymakers can center the immediate and longerterm needs of student parents in policy responses to the pandemic, so that they are able to safeguard their families’ economic well-being and continue along their pathway to college attainment.

Economy Adds More Jobs for Women Than Men, But Women Still 8 Million Jobs-on-Payroll Below February and Majority of All Who Lost Jobs
Holding Up Half the Sky: Mothers as Workers, Primary Caregivers, & Breadwinners During COVID-19

The loss of jobs in sectors dominated by women will have a devastating impact of families, especially those headed by single mothers or where women are the primary or co-breadwinner. One in two of more than 30 million families in the U.S. with children under the age of 18 have a breadwinner mother, who contributes at least 40 percent of the earnings to the household.

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This Equal Pay Day, women face additional burdens due to the pandemic

By Kimberly Adams Today is Equal Pay Day for women. It marks how long into 2021 the average woman would have to work in order to earn the same income as the average man did in 2020. In other words, it represents the reality of the gender pay gap in America. The economic fallout of the pandemic hit women much harder than men. And yet, oddly enough, the pay gap tightened, said C. Nicole Mason, president and CEO of the [...]

By |March 24, 2021|Press Hits|

It’s Equal Pay Day: Women lose an average of $406,000 to the wage gap in their lifetime

By Jazmin Goodwin New York (CNN Business) - This year, Equal Pay Day falls on March 24, a date that symbolizes how far into the year women must work to earn the same as men did in the previous year. The most recent estimates show women across the nation earned about 82 cents for every dollar earned by men, according to 2019 data from the US Census. That amount changes when broken down by race -- with many women of [...]

By |March 24, 2021|Press Hits|

Economic Recovery at Risk: Proposed Infrastructure Bill by Biden Administration Should Include More Help For Women Workers Who Are Hit Hardest by the Pandemic

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – March 23, 2021 Contact: Erin Weber | (646) 719-7021 | Washington, DC – The new infrastructure bill floated by the Biden Administration plans to prioritize spending on roads, bridges, waterways, and rails. It also includes funding for retrofitting buildings, safety improvements, and schools infrastructure—all male-dominated sectors. Women, many of whom have been disproportionately impacted by job and income losses during the pandemic, will be left out unless changes are made. “There is a need to [...]

By |March 23, 2021|Press Releases|

COVID-19 is forcing women out of work. Can Biden help them get back on the job?

By Francesca Chambers So many women have dropped out of the workforce during the pandemic that the Biden administration has said it is an emergency and warned of a setback so severe that it could stand in the way of a full economic recovery. The White House says it is concerned that women are taking themselves out of the running for promotions, off the front lines of health care work and away from education opportunities that lead to higher-paying jobs [...]

By |March 21, 2021|Press Hits|

New IWPR Report Reveals Urgent Need to Support Student Parents’ Return to College amid Challenges Exacerbated by the Pandemic

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MARCH 16, 2021 Contact: Erin Weber | 646-719-7021 | More than one-third (35 percent) of adults who earned some college credit, but not a degree, are parents of children under 18. Students with children are nearly twice as likely to leave college before graduating than students who are not parents: Over half (52 percent) of student parents suspend their enrollment within six years without returning to complete their education, compared with 29 percent of all students [...]

By |March 16, 2021|Press Releases|

Busy with Purpose: Lessons for Education and Policy Leaders from Returning Student Parents

Postsecondary attainment is widely recognized as key to accessing living-wage careers—in addition to fulfilling workforce demands and elevating the United States’ standing on the world stage. While much of the work to increase attainment rates has recognized the role of reengaging adults who have some college credit, but no degree or certificate, less attention has been paid to the salience of parenthood in adults’ postsecondary experiences.

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