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The Lily Op-Ed

May 9, 2020 by C. Nicole Mason

The system was never designed for working moms

We understand the system is broken and that it’s not our fault. It was never made for us. It was made for working men.

Labor Day
Five Pathways to Good Jobs for Women

As Labor Day approaches, we’re thinking about the jobs and opportunities that do the best job of promoting women’s economic mobility and security.

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Report: Restricting Abortion Access Brings Big Financial Trouble

By Eric Galatas Thursday, September 16, 2021 LINCOLN, Neb. -- Limiting women's access to abortion and other reproductive health care can have a devastating impact on state economies. According to new data from the Institute for Women's Policy Research, restrictions on the books in Nebraska cost [...]

September 16, 2021|Categories: Press Hits|Tags: , , |

As States Eye Texas-Style Abortion Bans, Economic Costs to Bottom Line and Women are High, New Data from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research Show

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – September 13, 2021 Contact: Erin Weber | | (646) 719-7021 Implementing abortion bans in target states could cost local economies nearly $20 billion and hurt women’s earnings and labor force participation. Washington, DC – States such as Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Ohio, [...]

How Abortion Restrictions like Texas’s Push Pregnant People into Poverty

By Chabeli Carrazana A study of hundreds of pregnant women over a decade found that 72 percent of those who were denied care ended up living in poverty. For the better part of a decade, Diana Greene Foster followed 1,000 women who were seeking an [...]

September 7, 2021|Categories: Press Hits|Tags: , , , |

Anemic Jobs Report Signals Trouble for Women’s Full Re-Entry into the Workforce

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - September 3, 2021 Contact: Erin Weber | | (646) 719-7021 Washington, DC – This month’s jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reveals a disappointing growth of just 235,000 new jobs across the board, but the news is even worse for women. [...]

September 3, 2021|Categories: Press Releases|Tags: |

Texas Abortion Ban and Other Restrictions Cost the State Economy Almost $15 Billion per Year

IMMEDIATE RELEASE – September 2, 2021 Contact: Erin Weber | | (646) 719-7021 Texas Abortion Ban and other Restrictions Cost the State Economy Almost $15 Billion per Year “Texas is restricting its own economic growth in its quest to restrict women’s freedom.” Washington, D.C. —Texas’ abortion [...]

September 2, 2021|Categories: Press Releases|Tags: , |

Stronger Together: Union Membership Boosts Women’s Earnings and Economic Security

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – September 1, 2021 Contact: Erin Weber | | (646) 719-7021 Washington, DC — A new report from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) confirms the powerful impact union membership has on the women of this country. The report, Stronger Together:Union Membership [...]

September 2, 2021|Categories: Press Releases|
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