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Equal Pay Day 2022: Despite wage gains in recent months, women still earn just 83 percent of what men make across most sectors and occupations

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 15, 2022 Contact: William Lutz | [...]

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New IWPR Survey Shows Wide Gaps Between What Women Want from Employers and What Employers Offer in Terms of Wages, Leave, Workplace Flexibility

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 10, 2022 Contact: William Lutz | [...]

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March 4-5 Care Infrastructure Conference Pulls Together Experts to Explore Challenges and Solutions Facing Care Industry

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 4, 2022 Contact: William Lutz | [...]

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According to New IWPR Survey, Most Young Women Say American Dream is within Reach—but Young Black, Latina, and LGBTQ Women Face More Setbacks

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 14, 2021 Contact: William Lutz | [...]

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