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The Lily Op-Ed

May 9, 2020 by C. Nicole Mason

The system was never designed for working moms

We understand the system is broken and that it’s not our fault. It was never made for us. It was made for working men.

Labor Day
Five Pathways to Good Jobs for Women

As Labor Day approaches, we’re thinking about the jobs and opportunities that do the best job of promoting women’s economic mobility and security.

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Jobs Report Shows First Decline in Payroll Employment for Women Since December 2020

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 8, 2021 Contact: William Lutz | | Jobs Report Shows First Decline in Payroll Employment for Women Since December 2020 Washington, DC – This month’s jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) continues to show that America’s women face enormous challenges returning [...]

October 8, 2021|Categories: Press Releases|Tags: , |

42% of Women Say They Have Consistently Felt Burned Out at Work in 2021

TIME By Eliana Dockterman Both men and women are feeling even more burned out in 2021 than they were in 2020. Given that the labor force is sojourning through a second year of dangerous work conditions, a lack of childcare options and unprecedented workforce dropout, the fact [...]

October 7, 2021|Categories: Press Hits|Tags: , |

Nobel Prize-Winning Economist: The World of Long Work Hours Is Ripe for a Revolution

CNBC By Alicia Doniger At the pandemic’s outset, many labor experts doubted that a professional work culture long defined by commutes and cubicles was ready to truly embrace remote employment. That’s changed. The next revolution on the job? According to Nobel Prize-winning MIT economist Esther [...]

October 7, 2021|Categories: Press Hits|Tags: , |

Women Are Still Disproportionately Facing the Brunt of Burnout

Allwork.Space By Aayat Ali According to the annual Women in the Workplace report from McKinsey & Co. and LeanIn.Org, women in the workplace dealt with the brunt of burnout in 2021. Both men and women have been found to experience burnout over the past two years, mainly [...]

September 30, 2021|Categories: Press Hits|Tags: , |

Bridge The Wage Gap: Domestic Violence Hurts Survivors’ Economic Security

Mississippi Free Press By Dr. Wendy Mahoney Domestic violence is an oppressive act with many harmful effects. Imagine your partner abusing and tearing you down. Then, imagine freeing yourself from the abuse just to find out that the economic system is equally oppressive. For a [...]

September 29, 2021|Categories: Press Hits|Tags: , |
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