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What’s At Stake This November And How You Can Get Out The Vote

We are constantly being inundated with political ads and told about the important issues. But with all the noise, it can be difficult to understand what is truly at stake. So, what’s really at stake for all of us this November? Here are just a few things.

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The Supreme Court’s ruling on the ACA’s birth control mandate could cost women hundreds of dollars each year

By: Alicia Adamczyk Women who have access to legal contraception beginning [...]

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Reproductive Health and Community College Students: Building Momentum toward Holistic Approaches to Student Success

by Tessa Holtzman, Anna Bernstein, and Lindsey Reichlin Cruse On [...]

The Status of Women in the States: 2015

The Status of Women in the States: 2015 provides critical data to identify areas of progress for women in states across the nation and pinpoint where additional improvements are still needed. It presents hundreds of data points for each state across seven areas that affect women’s lives: political participation, employment and earnings, work and family, poverty and opportunity, reproductive rights, health and well-being, and violence and safety.

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