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Political  Participation

Shaping their own future

When women participate in the political process, they shape policies in ways that reflect their interests and needs. The Status of Women in the States’ Political Participation Index looks at women as voters, grassroots activists and campaign fundraisers, and officeholders and examines the uneven progress they have made.

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The Political Participation Index measures women’s political participation through four key indicators. Each state is ranked and graded based on their performance on these four measures.

Political Participation Rank and Score by State

Articles and Publications

Updated Analysis of the Cost of Abortion Restrictions to States

Each year, the number of state-level restrictions on abortion access increases, and in some states, they get more and more extreme. To capture the ongoing harm of these restrictions—not only to women’s health but also to the economy—the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) [...]


Contraception and abortion are most often used by people to prevent having children they are not ready to care for or do not want. One of the most common reasons people delay or prevent childbearing is economic. This brief synthesizes findings from recent research [...]

Apprenticeships Can Deliver High Earnings but Do So Less for Women than Men

Apprenticeships provide an earn-as-you-learn pathway free of college debt to industry-recognized qualifications in high-demand occupations. In FY 2023*, the median hourly wage for women who completed registered apprenticeships was $22.00 compared with $34.07 for men, a gender earnings ratio of just 64.6 percent. Black [...]

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