State-by-State Earnings Show Large Wage Gaps Between Latinas and White Men

  • In all but one state, Latinas’ median annual earnings for full-time work leave a family with one adult and two children “near poverty.”
  • Latinas are especially vulnerable to health hazards and loss of income as a consequence of the pandemic; they have the lowest health insurance coverage rate of any racial or ethnic group and the lowest likelihood of having paid time off.

Latinas have made important strides in education, business creation, and political engagement. In recent decades, they have significantly increased their high school graduation rate and representation in teaching, law, medicine, and management professions. Yet in 2019, the average Latina earned only 55.4 percent of White men’s earnings, equivalent to $29,098 less for a year of full-time work.

Based on the current rate of progress, Latinas will not reach equal pay with White men for another two hundred years, or until 2220.