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The Research & Action Hub supports research and innovative policy solutions to accelerate women’s power and influence in society and in the workforce. We provide micro-grants and support to research and policy centers to leverage promising research and evidence to grow women’s economic, political and social power.

Status of Women
The Status of Women in the States

This report builds on IWPR’s long-standing work on The Status of Women in the States, a series of data analyses and reports that for nearly 20 years have provided data on women’s status nationally and for all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

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The Status of Women in Northeast Florida: Strengthening the Pipeline for Women’s Advancement to Leadership

Starting in 1996, using data from the U.S. Census Bureau among other data sets, the Institute for Women’s Policy Research launched its Status of Women in the States report series, which looks at numerous metrics that relate to the economic achievement, poverty, physical and mental health, education, work and family, violence and safety, reproductive rights, and political participation of women.

By |October 23, 2019|

The Well-Being of Women in Utah in 2019

The percentage of women working part-time in Utah is still the highest in the nation. Business ownership and representation in professional and managerial positions among Utah women are also increasing, more Utah women now live above the poverty line, and women in Utah have made great strides in education attainment; however, the progress in these areas is markedly different when race and ethnicity are taken into account.

By |August 12, 2019|
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