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William Lutz |

The ‘Mancession’ Fallacy: A New Sitcom That Gets Everything Wrong About Our Economic Recovery

And whatever “Work It!” suggests to the contrary, women still don’t outnumber men in the workplace. They currently account for 49.4 percent of the payrolled workforce , up from approximately 45 percent before the recession hit, and these numbers only account for the salaried, civilian, [...]

January 3, 2012|Categories: Press Hits|

The Recession Was Sexist (So Is the Recovery)

The Great Recession was hell on everybody, but it was a particularly hellish time for men. The housing collapse and financial crisis tag-teamed to gut industries like construction and manufacturing that had been traditional bastions of male employment for decades. Women reached nearly 50% of [...]

December 8, 2011|Categories: Press Hits|
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