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UK Minister: Feminism To Blame for Men's Job Shortage

"Willetts is wrong to attribute the UK's high unemployment rate to women's education gains, said Heidi Hartmann, president of the Washington-based Institute for Women's Policy Research. But he's right about well-educated women pairing off with [...]

April 4, 2011|

Wal-Mart's gender bias case: What's at stake?

" The Institute for Women's Policy Research submitted a report called "Ending Sex and Race Discrimination in the Workplace: Legal Interventions That Push the Envelope" to the justices that notes that about two-thirds of all [...]

April 4, 2011|

Men Beat Out Women in New Jobs

"From December 2009 through February 2011, men were hired for some 1.1 million jobs while women picked up only about 115,000, according to Sophia Koropeckyj, a managing director at Moody's Analytics , who examined payroll [...]

March 31, 2011|

The Student Parent Trap

"Without the child-care scholarship she found through the Philadelphia-based nonprofit, Family Care Solutions, Rooney says, she's not sure what she would do. She'll find out this summer, when she's signed up for classes but won't [...]

March 31, 2011|
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