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Men Relying More on Social Security

"While it's been widely accepted that women rely heavily on Social Security for much of their retirement income, the report by the Institute for Women's Policy Research shows that men are in the same boat... [...]

February 10, 2011|

Paychecks Aren't Fair, That's Why We Need a Law

"The U.S. Senate decided in November not to open debate on a bill to strengthen current law against gender-based wage discrimination. The Paycheck Fairness Act was supported by President Barack Obama, among others, as a [...]

January 5, 2011|

Women Closing the Job, Wage Divide

"Are women poised to surpass men economically? Feminist economists, who understand the complexities of the situation, are not making predictions. 'We have this little roadblock for women,' said Heidi Hartmann, president of the Institute for [...]

January 5, 2011|

Discerning Sex Discrimination

"Many workers don’t know how much their counterparts are paid, and it’s not easy to find out. Private employers have no obligation to disclose employees’ earnings. While the National Labor Relations Act protects the rights [...]

January 5, 2011|
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