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NYT She-cession

May 9, 2020 by Alisha Haridasani Gupta

Why Some Women Call This Recession a ‘Shecession’

A majority of the jobs lost in April were held by women, a sharp reversal of gains in the labor market.

The Lily Op-Ed

May 9, 2020 by C. Nicole Mason

The system was never designed for working moms

We understand the system is broken and that it’s not our fault. It was never made for us. It was made for working men.

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Gendered Recessions and Recoveries

"Equally troubling is the lingering occupational gender segregation that systematically disadvantages women and perpetuates the gender gap in both yearly and lifetime earnings. Gwen Sharp at Sociological Images finds that women make up about half [...]

October 25, 2011|

The Recession in Pink and Blue

"Even mothers receiving support from fathers tend to take more responsibility for meeting family needs, intensifying the experience of economic insecurity. A recent report issued by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research assessed some of [...]

October 24, 2011|

Social Security increase should be bigger

"But rather than increasing the Social Security COLA to keep up with escalating health costs, most inside-the-beltway discussions these days revolve around adopting a lower COLA as a way to help close Social Security's modest [...]

October 21, 2011|
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