This report provides a framework for shared prosperity and equitable economic recovery. It examines the impact of the economic crisis and recession on working women, their families, and communities. It provides a blueprint for a gender- equitable recovery that is not only about meeting the immediate economic needs of women and families, but lays out a long-term strategy for creating stronger systems and institutions that reflect the experiences and contributions of women in the workforce, in society, and to their families.

“I didn’t sign up for a pandemic, but I am not going to walk away when people need me.”

— Andrea Lindley, 34,
an I.C.U. nurse at a Philadelphia hospital

“I lost my job [in food service] after 20 years with the same company. I couldn’t believe it. I have a son. What am I supposed to do?”

Single mother, 42, in
Las Vegas, Nevada

Build(ing) the Future Symposium

We joined leading experts for an online event following the release of our latest economic recovery report and reflected on the policies and programs will be needed the federal and state levels to build an economy and society that uplift women and families.

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Event Speakers

Myra Jones-Taylor

Zero to Three

Carol Burnett

Mississippi Low Income Coalition

Fatima Goss Graves

National Women’s Law Center

Brenda Lawrence


Nicole Lynn Lewis

,Generation Hope

Shilpa Phadke

Center for American Progress

Lorella Praeli

Community Change

Lauren Kennedy

Co-founder, Neighborhood Villages

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