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Melanie Kruvelis was the 2016 Mariam K. Chamberlain Fellow in Women and Public Policy for the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. Her work at IWPR focused on access to and within postsecondary spaces for underserved students in the United States, particularly independent students and parenting students. She was part of a team working on a cost-benefit analysis examining how increasing single mothers’ college attainment can benefit individuals, families, and society. Melanie earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Michigan in 2014, and earned high honors for her thesis examining the economic, social, and religious conditions that may influence a nation’s likelihood of adopting gender provisions within its constitution. She previously worked at Northwestern University’s Institute for Policy Research and in public radio.

Single Mothers in College: Growing Enrollment, Financial Challenges, and the Benefits of Attainment

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Building Family-Friendly Campuses: Strategies to Promote College Success Among Student Parents

For parents, receiving a college degree is one of the best investments they can make to improve the financial security, social mobility, and overall well-being of their family.

Projected Year the Wage Gap Will Close by State

If the earnings of women and men who are employed full-time, year-round change at the rate they have between 1959 and 2015, the gender wage gap in the United States will not close until 2059.

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