By Bryce Covert

There is almost no job a woman can take and expect to be paid more than a man, according to a new analysis from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research. Of 120 occupations, just four pay women slightly higher than men, on average: counselors, food preparers and servers, sewing machine operators, and teacher assistants. By contrast, 107 have a wage gap of at least 5 percent, with one as wide as 44.4 percent.

CREDIT: Diana Ofosu/ThinkProgress

The same pattern holds true for women of color specifically, who earn less than men of their same race in all jobs, except for black women who work as office admins or in natural resource, construction, and maintenance.

But women of color experience much larger gender wage gaps overall. Across all occupations, median weekly earnings for black women are just 62.5 percent of white men’s, while Hispanic women make 57.2 percent. White women earn 79.5 percent of white men’s pay.

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