By Keah Brown

We also face this treatment in the workplace. According to the Institute For Women’s Policy Research, Black women won’t see pay equity until the year 2124 while white women are projected to see it in 2059 and Hispanic women in 2248. Black women, irrespective of title or field, are often given the cold shoulder by superiors and co-workers, our word constantly being second-guessed. This can cause conflict in the workplace, tension where there should be none and, often, results in less effective work. Stephanie Williams is 29 and an Electron Microscopy Tech in Charlotte, NC. At her previous lab she discovered a long-standing mistake and paid the price for being the Black woman to point it out. “I was in charge of genotyping the mice, and I discovered that they had been genotyped incorrectly for the last several months,” she says. “When I brought this to the attention of the principal investigator, they were in denial. After having to prove that my discovery was indeed correct, things instantly got more hostile between the PI and myself.”

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