By Caroline Fairchild

Last month, the unemployment rate for women grew by 0.9% compared with 0.7% for men. And a recent survey by LeanIn and Survey Monkey uncovered that 31% of women with full-time jobs and families say they have more to do than they can possibly handle. Only 13% of working men with families said the same.

Experts say this could be because Millennial women — many who are now at the age where they have young children — are assuming more family responsibilities during this crisis. And while the pandemic will eventually come to an end, the fear is that women’s careers could suffer long term.

“Many women were struggling with childcare responsibilities pre-COVID-19 and now they are going to face additional barriers,” said President & CEO of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research C. Nicole Mason. “There is a double burden for women during COVID-19. They are expected to be full-time caregivers and work full-time as well.”

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