For Immediate Release

June 29, 2023

Contact: William Lutz 202-785-5100

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Supreme Court today turned its back on 50 years of precedent and gutted programs at Harvard University and the University of North Carolina that enabled students from communities of color to overcome systemic barriers to higher education, increasing campus diversity across the country. The decision could affect thousands of admissions programs across the country, creating challenging new barriers for students of color to navigate, potentially affecting millions of college-bound students.

Statement of IWPR Interim President and CEO Daisy Chin-Lor

“Every student deserves equal opportunity to access higher education, but the sad truth is that not all students face the same path when it comes to the admissions process. Those from communities of color face barriers that others do not, jeopardizing their future success in life and broader efforts to diversify campuses across the country,” said Chin-Lor.

“Programs like the ones the Court struck down today are meant to help right this wrong and build a more inclusive educational experience, where all students can learn and succeed regardless of what they look like or where they come from. They have helped millions of students from communities of color overcome systemic barriers and get a fair shot at accessing higher education and we can’t simply pretend these measures are no longer needed.

“Our country benefits when our college campuses reflect the wondrous diversity of our nation, when all students can grow and thrive together regardless of race or economic background. Despite the Court’s misguided decision today, the march toward racial equality will persist, especially in our nation’s schools, where today’s generation is already shaping a more equitable and inclusive world than the one they inherited.”

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