Our research inspires action, sparks bold ideas and drives policy change at the local and federal levels that improve the lives of working women, their families and their communities.

At IWPR, we generate sharp and timely policy and legislative analysis grounded in the lived experiences of women and at the intersections of race, gender, ethnicity and other markers of difference. 

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A Woman-Centered Economic Agenda: 8 Policies that Boost the Economy and Work for Everyone

This fact sheet outlines eight key policy priorities that are critical for increasing women’s economic opportunities and securing their futures.

The Need to Promote Gender Diversity in Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Patenting: Written Testimony Submitted to the House Small Business Committee

IWPR’s research finds that women patent inventions at much lower rates than men, which means that potential innovations to improve technology, treat illness, and improve everyday life are being left on the table.

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