By Carolyn Webber

Although Utah’s economy, recreational opportunities and standard of living rank among the top compared to other states, in other measures it is at the bottom of the pack. Utah ranks 50th in terms of the political participation of women and their treatment in work and family, according to data from the Institute of Women’s Policy Research.

A combined women’s and girl’s conference in Utah is working to challenge those societal norms, and five high school girls from Park City are joining the fight: Allie Zehner, 17, Heidy Onofre, 16, Emma Harter, 17, Jenifer Celestino, 16, and Sadie Ortiz, 16. Zehner attends Rowland Hall in Salt Lake City and Harter attends Intermountain Christian School in Cottonwood Heights.

The other three are students at Park City High School.

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