By Susan Antilla

At the same time, scholars at the Institute for Women’s Policy Research in Washington found that in 2015, women in the securities industry were earning 52 cents for every dollar men made. So much for lasting change, or progress toward equality.

Is there any solution given a system that favors the employer and the harasser? Yes — and Fowler is Exhibit A. She said on Twitter Sunday night that her revelations led to such a flood of reactions that it shut down her Twitter and Gmail apps. Many of the supporters who stampeded her accounts with “attagirls” took to social media to say they’d deleted their Uber accounts and suggested others do the same. It took no time for the hashtag #deleteuber — which also swelled in response to Uber’s decision to turn off surge pricing during the Taxi Worker’s alliance participation in an anti-travel ban protest at JFK — to begin trending on Twitter.

In other words, money talks and the Internet helps to amplify its voice. Employers have stripped us of many of our rights. But not even an Ivy League band of big-ticket lawyers can figure out a way to stop us taking our business elsewhere when we’re sickened by a company’s behavior.

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