By Cait Munro

Next time you find yourself grumbling about your salary, consider the fact that the average for a 35-year-old woman in New York is $47,047. Not bad, especially if you’re making it somewhere other than New York City. If you’re making $72,712 or over, you’re in the top 25th percentile. Who knew? Meanwhile, in more rural, less populated states like Alabama, where jobs tend to be more scarce, the median income for a 35-year-old woman is just $33,090, and a salary of $48,024 would put you in the top 25 percent.

Of course, it’s impossible not to point out how unfair and unfortunate it is that the tool has to take gender into consideration. But as of this year, the gender pay gap is still around 20 percent, according to the Institute For Women’s Policy Research. So while the average 35-year-old New York woman is making $47,047, according to the tool, her male counterpart is making an average of $50,170.

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