By Niharika Sharma

Going by current trends, around 400 million jobs will be needed for women alone in the coming years.

Female workers will also be the worst hit by emerging technologies.

“Women hold most of the administrative and data-processing roles that artificial intelligence and other technologies threaten to usurp,” the Bain & Company-Google report said, citing a 2019 study by the Washington-based Institute of Women’s Policy Research. “As routine jobs become automated, the pressure on women will intensify and they will experience higher unemployment rates.”

Besides, women who are actively participating in the workforce are 2.9 times more likely than men to be unemployed, it further added.

Creating job opportunities is the need of the hour. However, encouraging more women to become entrepreneurs will provide a long-term solution. “By creating jobs, fuelling innovation and furthering investment in health and education, entrepreneurship among women could transform India’s economy and society,” the report noted.

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