By Janet Zaretsky

Women are underrepresented at every level of business, though they make up more than half of college students today. But despite this knowledge, we have yet to move the needle significantly. That is not to say there has been no progress — there has, but it is incredibly slow.

Look at pay: A recent report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that in 2017, women who were full-time employees only made 82% of their male counterparts’ salaries. The gap is even worse if you are a woman of color. If changes in the wage gap continue at the same rate, it will take until 2059 for women to earn the same as men.

Consider the boardroom: Less than 5% of Fortune 500 company CEOs are women. While women enter the workforce on the same footing as men, the further up the corporate ladder you go, the fewer women you find.

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