By Colin Wolf

According to projections from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, it’ll take at least 21 more years before the state of Florida starts compensating women equally for the same jobs as men.
While this seems like a long way off for Florida residents, it could be much much worse. The study suggests that states like North Dakota, Utah, Louisiana, and Wyoming won’t close the wage gap until the 22nd century.
From the study, “A girl born in the United States in 2017 has a life expectancy of 87 years. In 2082, when she turns age 65, a wage gap will still remain in 13 states.”

The study from IWPR used Census data to look at how wages for full-time, year-round working men and women have fluctuated since 1959, and then used these linear trends to predict how much longer it will take to close the gender wage gap.

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