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Federiga Bindi, Ph.D.

Dr. Federiga Bindi is a Senior Fellow at IWPR. She is also a tenured Professor of Political Science and Jean Monnet Chair at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, where she founded and directed the “Jean Monnet EU Center of Excellence” (2004-2012). Professor Bindi, who has a PhD from the European University Institute, has been a Visiting Fellow in a number of prestigious international institutions, among which the Brookings Institution, the Carnegie Endowment for International Affairs, SAIS Johns Hopkins, the Institute d’Études Politiques in Paris, the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, the University of Lisbon and the Université Libre de Bruxelles. Professor Bindi served in a number of senior positions in government, among which Senior Advisor to the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs (2008-2011); Head of International Affairs and at the Italian National School of Administration (2010-2012) and Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Brussels (2012-2014). She published eight volumes, among which Europe and America: The End of Transatlantic Relations? (2020),  The Foreign Policy of the European Union: Assessing Europe’s Role in the World (2010 & 2012); The Frontiers of Europe: A Transatlantic Problem? (2011); Italy and the EU (2011), Analyzing European Union Politics (2012). Federiga is currently editing a book Women Leaders in Foreign Policy for Brookings Press.

At IWPR, Federiga directs The State of the Women research network, financed by the European Commission, which aims to produce the first comprehensive mapping of the state of women, gender parity and women leadership in the European Union and the United States across 10 ten areas which constitute the fabric of society:  parliamentsgovernmentsCourts, militarydiplomacyacademiabusinessreligionmedia and sports.

Dr. Bindi also directs the  Foreign Policy Initiative promoting women leadership in foreign policy and a feminist foreign policy which follows a previous initiative Federiga created in Brussels, Women Leaders in International Relations.


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Women are mysteriously missing from D.C. think tanks’ foreign policy panels. Here’s the data.

Throughout academia, including in political science, women haven’t achieved parity with men. As this series explores, implicit bias holds women back at every stage, from the readings professors assign to the student evaluations that influence promotions and pay, from journal [...]

By Frederiga Bindi|April 23, 2019|

The End of the Pantsuit Nation and the Force of Subliminal Messages

Originally posted on Huffpost.com Game over. The election was the Democrats to lose, and they did. The Dem leadership can only blame itself and the numerous strategic and communication mistakes it did along both the primary and the electoral campaigns. [...]

By Frederiga Bindi|November 10, 2016|

Harassment in the Workplace: Why the US and the EU Must Act

Originally published on Huffpost.com As we celebrate the International Day for the elimination of Violence against Women, it should not be forgotten that violence can happen in different forms: psychological violence — whether it is in the family or in [...]

By Frederiga Bindi|January 27, 2015|

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