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Women are still lagging behind when it comes to leadership roles in business. The causes for the underrepresentation of women in decision-making processes and positions are multiple and complex. The main reasons are traditional gender roles and stereotypes, the lack of support for women and men to balance care responsibilities with work, and the prevalent political and corporate cultures.

Please join us in person or online on Tuesday 18th October 2022at 15 CEST (9 am EST) to discuss these and many other issues.

Stefania Baroncelli, Professor of Law, University of Bolzano

Alessia Mosca, former member of the Parliament and the European Parliament, author of the Costa-Mosca Law on Corporate Boards and Board member, Credit Agricole

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The conference is part of “The State of Women” research network, financed by the European Commission ERASMUS+ program. The event is jointly organized by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, American University’s Women & Politics Institute, and Women Campaign International.

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