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4:30PM CEST | 10:30AM EST

International mobility of both students and faculty is a fundamental aspect of higher education. COVID has impacted physical mobility but also stimulated virtual exchanges. Immigration laws, guns, costs are other factors that impact international mobility. What are the strategies adopted acrosstheAtlantic?

  • Filippo Bracci, Vice Rector for Education Programs, University of Rome Tor Vergata;
  • Damiano Pinnacchio, International Office, University of Rome Tor Vergata;
  • Adriana Pérez Encinas, Researcher, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid
  • Gretched Van Dyke, Associate Professor, University of Scranton
  • Olga Krylova, E-Kvadrat Consulting & Media Gmbh, Germany

Federiga Bindi, Sr Fellow, IWPR & Jean Monnet Chair, University of Rome Tor Vergata

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