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The pandemic and recession have exacerbated social and economic disparities in New Orleans and resulted in 57,000 job losses, particularly in low-wage sectors that predominantly employ Black and Latina women. Some of these jobs may not return. A just economic recovery that includes women and communities of color will necessitate supporting their entry into growing fields. The economic recovery in New Orleans is expected to be swifter in sectors such as construction, manufacturing, and at the Port of New Orleans, with higher growth expected in skilled trade and technical jobs that are often well-paying and do not require a 4-year college degree.

Please join us on January 26 at 12:00 pm EST / for a webinar to release IWPR’s briefing paper “Building a Better Future for Women in New Orleans Post-COVID-19: Opportunities in Skilled Trade and Technical Jobs.” Discuss with New Orleans stakeholders and experts how improving women’s share of skilled trade and technical jobs can help tackle gender and racial inequities in New Orleans, and what may be done to improve women’s, particularly Black and Latina women’s, access and retention in these growing sectors.


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