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Gender Wage Gap Shrinks in 2020 Due to Tremendous Job Losses for Lowest Paid – Racial and Ethnic Disparities Persist

Washington, DC – A new policy brief, The Weekly Gender Wage Gap by Race and Ethnicity: 2020 from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR), provides the first data on COVID-19’s impact on the gender wage gap. It finds that the wage gap narrowed, but reasons for the change point to growing inequality instead of progress for women. Women’s average earnings increased more than men’s because lowest paid women were the most likely to lose jobs during the COVID-19 shecession – and are no longer counted in the average women’s weekly median earnings.  As a result of the missing lowest-paid women, the gender wage gap narrowed, between all women and men, and between women and men by race and ethnicity.

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IWPR Statement of the Passage of the 1.9 Trillion Stimulus Plan by the House

IWPR applauds the passage of the 1.9 Trillion Stimulus plan by the House of Representatives, and encourages the Senate to do the same. The robust and historic recovery package enjoys high public support and will provide necessary economic support to families hit hardest by the COVID-fueled economic downturn.

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Women to Biden Administration and Congress: Affordable Healthcare, the Economic Recession and Jobs are Top Priorities, New National Survey Finds

Washington, DC—New National Survey by IWPR finds in first 100 days and beyond, affordable, high-quality healthcare, getting the economic recession under control, and job creation are top priorities for women for the new Administration and Congress.

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January’s Decline in Women’s Employment Shows Robust Relief and Recovery Efforts by Administration will be Key

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 1, 2021 Contact: Contact: Erin Weber [...]

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New Study Shows Pay Secrecy Remains Prevalent in U.S. Workplaces Despite Tightened Legal Restrictions at State Level

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New study finds moving women into manufacturing, trade and technical jobs will speed recovery efforts, raise earnings, and cut poverty in New Orleans

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 26, 2021 Contact: Contact: Erin Weber [...]

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