The Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that engages in research and dissemination to shape public policy and improve the lives and opportunities of women from diverse backgrounds. As a nonpartisan organization, the independence of our research is essential to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and quality. IWPR seeks to ensure these standards through internal and external peer review processes. In most cases, reports receive one to two external reviews; some shorter products receive external review as well. All publications are reviewed by in-house researchers not involved in their production.

As an organization, IWPR does not engage in activities that constitute lobbying, but it does encourage its experts to share the findings and recommendations that emerge from their research through expert testimony, conversations with the media, public events, and other forums. IWPR researchers may receive input from advocates, policymakers, funders, and other interested stakeholders on different aspects of the research, but IWPR makes the final decisions on its research activities, conclusions, and recommendations. IWPR employs research methods that are scientifically sound and engages in research and related activities that advance its mission and values.

IWPR believes this independence is essential to achieving the organization’s goals. When IWPR comments on public policy, it wants to be heard by an array of groups and parties across the ideological spectrum. It is critical that these groups and individuals can trust that IWPR’s statements are the result of credible research, and are not a reflection of the vested interests of a third party. The Institute’s reputation for integrity and quality is an invaluable asset that we seek to strengthen and safeguard.

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