Informing policy. Inspiring change. Improving lives.

The Institute for Women’s Policy Research conducts and communicates research to inspire public dialogue, shape policy, and improve the lives and opportunities of women of diverse backgrounds, circumstances, and experiences. We are the leading think tank in the United States applying quantitative and qualitative analysis of public policy through a gendered lens.

IWPR advances women’s status through social science research, policy analysis, and public education. We develop new policy ideas, encourage enlightened public debate, and promote sound policy and program development. Our work also helps to change minds and improve the practices of institutions. IWPR operates on the principle that knowledge is power and that social science evidence based on strong data and analysis, compellingly presented and systematically disseminated, makes a difference in moving public policy.

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IWPR’s reports and other informational resources have informed policies and programs across the country and internationally, in each of its 5 key program areas:

Employment, Education, & Economic Change

Pay Equity & Discrimination; Access to Good Jobs; Workforce Development & Job Training; Access to Higher Education; STEM & Innovation; The Economy, Business, & Unemployment

Democracy & Society

Civic & Political Engagement; Women in Unions; Status of Women & Girls; Racial & Ethnic Inequality; Immigration; International Women’s Status and Rights

Poverty, Welfare, & Income Security

Retirement & Social Security; Poverty & the Social Safety Net; Women & Asset-Building

Work & Family

Child Care & Early Education; Family & Medical Leave; Paid Sick Days; Flexible Work & Fair Scheduling

Health & Safety

Health & Well-Being; Reproductive Health & Rights; Violence & Safety

IWPR’s special cross-cutting initiatives include: