Noura Hassouna

Position: Research Associate
Categories: Research and Action Hub

Noura Hassouna is an international affairs scholar focusing on Global Gender Policy. Noura earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a minor in Legal Studies from the Lebanese American University. She went on to earn her life coach certificate through The National Federation of NeuroLinguistic Programming and the Behavioral Coaching Institute. Finally, she earned a Master of Arts in International Affairs with a concentration on Global Gender Policy and the Middle East from George Washington University, where she conducted a yearlong research paper on Women-Led Activism in the MENA Region: An Activist’s Pathway for Addressing Domestic Violence. She has previously held positions at George Washington University, the Center for Civilians in Conflict, and the United Nations. She has also conducted research for the Egyptian Embassy’s Office of Commerce. In her spare time, Noura is an avid reader and a photographer who enjoys hiking and rafting.