Martha Susana Jaimes, PhD

Position: Research Economist
Categories: Research and Action Hub

Dr. Martha Susana Jaimes is IWPR’s Research Economist. She is a feminist labor economist with more than 10 years of experience in applied microeconomics; gender segmentation, data collection, management, and visualization; and policy design. She has a Ph.D. in Public and Urban Policy from The New School and an MS in Economics from Universidad de Los Andes in Bogota, Colombia. Her doctoral research focused on social policy, social insurance, and feminist retirement policies. Her work is centered on feminist labor economics, economics of aging and retirement security, demography, and actuarial studies, with special focus on gender and inequality. Before joining IWPR she was an adjunct lecturer at NYU and Fordham University in New York city, and previously worked as a research associate at the Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis (SCEPA) at The New School as part of the Retirement Equity Lab team. She was a 2018 fellow of the Social Security Administration and the Center for Retirement Research at Boston